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    Break your corporate silence. Lead with clarity. Jump start your workplace equity journey.

We are a Human Capital Consulting Firm specializing in workplace equity strategy, culture change, digital engagement, and leadership / employee development.

We operate from the premise that business leaders and employees all have a  unique genius. However, organizations often need help with creating culture that accepts every employee’s unique genius. Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. EMPLOYEE.

We use proven behavior change methodologies to help leaders navigate challenging racial equity conversations and design strategic workplace equity programs to help you achieve your diversity goals. 

Our clients are in various parts of the business ecosystem, but all with the same questions: 
How do I facilitate meaningful conversations on racial equity?
How do I engage in strategic action to reach our workplace equity goals?

Senior Executives

We engage with executives who are ready to be visible sponsors and leaders for equity in their workplaces.

Chief People Officers

We partner with CHROs who are often tasked with designing and executing their company's D&I strategy.

D&I Leaders

While CDOs are usually well versed on workplace equity, they are looking for ways to achieve more than just "visual diversity." We can help.

ERG Leaders

We help Employee Resource Groups design and lead custom engagements for their membership and devise strategic plans for their initiatives. 

Even if you have a robust D&I department you probably need to...

Start Talking About Racial Equity at Work

We created the Bold x Brave© model to help you engage in meaningful workplace equity conversations that lead to strategic action.

Download the Bold x Brave Conversation Cheat Sheet
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Disruptive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DDEI)

This is not your typical D&I program or training. We use an assessment-based model to design custom solutions for your workplace. We gather and track data in custom dashboards to enable leaders to make the best data-driven decisions. We are results-focused and solution focused. We help leaders ensure that their internal advocacy for existing employees matches their external advocacy for their customer base and stakeholders.

Sample Dashboard

Let's stop checking diversity boxes.

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